Main Activities

   To mediate the disputes arise between its members or members and external institutions.
   To negotiate and facilitate with other institutions to protect public interests and Cambodia labor sector.
   To seek the source of fund with low interest in order tolend to Cambodian workers who need money for processing the documents to work abroad.
   To gather, coordinate and disseminate information concerning to labor sector (local and international) to its members.
   To coordinate and organize training courses and study tours for the members and association’s staff.
   To provide various information about the receiving organizations (names, conditions, how to communicate with that institutions) to the members.
   To organize meetings or seminars between recruitment agencies and external institutions for its members’ progress.
   To participate in the consultation related to national policies to protect its member’s interests.
   To communicate with the related national institutions working on the worker recruitment, dispatch, and management abroad for the effectiveness in social economic development and also communicate with external institutions for cooperating and looking for new market for its members.
   To seek for financial resources to support its activities.
   To assess the qualification of the new applicant before admitting them to be a member of association.